Speech and Language

Our Speech and Language Therapists are qualified to work with a range of language, literacy and communication difficulties from late talkers, to stammering and attention and listening difficulties to children with reading comprehension problems. All our therapists have additional training in literacy and therefore we work with both spoken and written language difficulties.

Individualised Assessment Packages

Following an assessment our therapists provide reccomendations, analysis and targets in Speech and Language, social communication, literacy / pre-literacy skills.
– from £200


We offer focused and personalised, 1:1 sessions either at our Centre or in an educational setting. Our sessions are 45min in length.
– £80 FOR 45MIN


30 min therapy via Zoom. This will be offered on an individual basis following a discussion on its appropriateness to the client / intervention they are currently working through.
– £65 FOR 30MIN

Therefore, we can support children with a range of speech, language and communication difficulties, including the following:

No words by 15 months

Feeding difficulties

Not combining words by 24 months

Limited eye contact

Not responding to their name

Difficulty building and maintaining friendships

Difficulties being understood

Attention and listening difficulties

Not showing an interest in others

Not communicating with others

Excessive drooling

Difficulties making certain speech sounds

Not talking in certain situations

Showing signs of frustration

Not following spoken instructions

If you are not sure about whether you need to refer to a Speech and Language Therapist, you are welcome to call Kids First on 0208 4070746

or you can download our checklist for children under 5 here, Primary aged children here and Secondary aged children here.