Speech and Language

Our Speech and Language Therapists are qualified to work with a range of language, literacy and communication difficulties from late talkers, to stammering and attention and listening difficulties to children with reading comprehension problems. All our therapists have additional training in literacy and therefore we work with both spoken and written language difficulties.

Individualised Assessment Packages

Following an assessment our therapists provide reccomendations, analysis and targets in Speech and Language, social communication, literacy / pre-literacy skills.
– from £200


We offer focused and personalised, 1:1 sessions either at our Centre or in an educational setting. Our sessions are 45min in length.
– £75 FOR 45MIN


30 min therapy via Zoom. This will be offered on an individual basis following a discussion on its appropriateness to the client / intervention they are currently working through.
– £65 FOR 30MIN

Areas We Support

We firmly believe that child’s needs are to be at the centre of all our intervention. We have experience in the following areas:


Supports children with ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder)


Supports sentence formation

Developmental Language Delay

Supports children with problems understanding and / or using spoken language


Linked with Social Communication


Including Reading Comprehension

Non Verbal

Including the use of Makaton / PECs

Nuffield Dyspraxia Program

A flexible, comprehensive assessment and therapy resource for managing severe speech disorders

Processing –
use of language

Expressive skills

Speech sound production

We support children to learn to correctly produce their speech sounds – the way we say the sounds that make up words

Understanding Language

Receptive Language skills

Words First Developed Literacy Programs

Including Engagement With Language and Chatter Tots

Zones of

To support understanding and regulation of emotions