Joint Sessions


What are joint sessions?

Joint OT and SaLT sessions is a holistic view treatment approach incorporating sensory and emotional regulation and and speech and language tasks. SaLTS working alongside the Occupational Therapists can support and provide increased language and communication opportunities in a way that children can apply it to their everyday interaction at home and school. Treatment sessions are well planned by both therapists to incorporate OT and SaLT targets for treatment.

Occupational Therapy
speech and Language Therapy

What to expect?

Joint therapy sessions are 45 minutes because you will be working with both clinicians at the same time.

Who can benefit?

Children learn language in a more functional way using a play-based approach.

Children who have difficulty with sensory or emotional regulation can receive the support they need to optimally participate in speech/language activities.

Joint sessions allow the OT and SaLt to learn from each other to better treat clients and provide therapeutic strategies
Joint sessions also foster communication between therapists; opens the lines of communication further and allows the therapists and caregivers to be on the same page with the goals, and how they are going to be achieved.

Working with both therapists at the same time can assist with facilitating joint attention and thus improve participation in the session.

What are the benefits for parents?

Strategies used and shared with parents are consistent, which ensures the children are learning and being supported in the same way from all who are involved. The child is not confused by being taught many different strategies to achieve the same goal.

Joint sessions allow both clinicians working with your child to hear the same information from you. You won’t need to repeat any information, and this makes it easier to remember who you have told new information to! This also means that the information shared is consistent.

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