Occupational Therapy


What is OT?

Occupational therapists are trained developmental skills that affect a child’s everyday life, these will include academic’s skills, play and social skills and activities of daily living like dressing, eating, bathing, brushing teeth, etc. The therapist will look at a variety of sensory, neuromuscular, perceptual and development areas that influences the child’s ability to perform at their maximal potential. The therapist would assess the child’s current performance and ascertain the impact of factors affecting their academic/ functional performance.

Occupational Therapy

What to expect?

In depth and comprehensive assessments

Pre and post assessment consultations

Individual one to one sessions: 30 minutes – 45 minutes

Parent and teacher support via workshops

Facilitating support of parents and teachers at home and school

Who can benefit?

Sensory Processing difficulties

What are some the signs of Sensory Processing Difficulties?

Developmental coordination disorder/Developmental Dyspraxia

What are some of the signs of DCD?

Developmental Dysgraphia and Handwriting difficulties

What are some of the signs?

Visual processing difficulties

What are the signs of visual processing difficulties?

If you are not sure about whether you need to refer to a Occupational Therapist, you are welcome to call Kids First on 0208 4070746