Autism and Social Communication

If you’re worried about your child’s social communication or concerned that they may have Autism, we have a number of ways that we can support you and your child. The service will depend on what you want to achieve (diagnosis, in-school support or individual, child-based targets) but our Practice Administrator will be able to guide you and pass you on to the right person.


Our Autism Team

Chevonne Du Plessis, Tayla Viviers, Hannah Forbes and Giulia Bruno.


SaLT and ASD/ADHD Consultant


Speech & Language Therapist


Speech and Language Therapist


Speech and Language Therapist

You will find a warm and supportive team when you join Kids First for your child’s diagnosis and ongoing support. There are a number of different options and we appreciate how difficult this journey is for you and your family so we aim to provide a complete service from diagnosis to wrap-around care. You will never be alone as long as you are with Kids First.

Social Communication Outreach Team (SCOT)
– school-based support

Parents (or schools) can commission our services to go in to nursery or school and spend time assessing a child, the environment and teaching and learning in school. The SCOT service is run by Hannah Forbes who will spend a full day in school completing the following:

  • parent and staff interviews to gain their insights into how the child is functioning in school
  • parent and teacher checklist completed
  • observation of the child in different settings
  • formal and informal assessment of the child
  • liaison with our Occupational Therapist if required
  • report writing

At the end of a SCOT consult day, you and your child’s school will have a thorough understanding of how best to support him / her at school. This may include advice on how to adapt the environment, strategies to include in teaching and learning and targets for your child to work on in TA-led intervention groups.

Please contact us for more information by email.