Our dyslexia service offers:

Consultation For Parents

Dyslexia Assessments and Reports

Tuition: Online and Face-To-Face

Training For Parents and Teachers

Assess For Access Arrangement

The dyslexia assessment process

The dyslexia assessment process takes approximately 3-4 hours. The dyslexia assessment process involves:

Initial Consultation

An initial 15 minute consultation


Collation of background information from parents and school


Formal assessments to explore a student’s cognitive profile (language, phonological awareness, and memory) and attainment level (reading, spelling and writing abilities)


Completing a report containing recommendations


We offer structured, multi – sensory, sequential and cumulative approaches, with lots of opportunity for over – learning, to develop the student’s phonological awareness, phonic knowledge, fluency and reading comprehension. The intervention is tailored to the student’s specific strengths and needs base on the results of their diagnostic dyslexia assessment.

Intervention can involve: