Covid Guidelines

To ensure we follow health and safety regulations and adhere to our best practice with regard to Covid-19, we will be most grateful if you can note the following.


Our therapist will not come to work if she has been in contact with a Covid-19 case in the past 2 weeks; has a member of her household who is unwell with respiratory symptoms although has not been diagnosed with Covid-19; has a member of their household who has arrived in the UK from abroad in the previous two weeks or is in any way unwell herself.


All surfaces and toys and therapy equipment and other touch points will be sanitised after each session, ensuring that your child is protected from any risk of transmission.

All other areas of the Centre will be sanitised after each use and at the end of each day.

Our therapist will be wearing a full face shield, rather than a mask, so that your child is able to see the therapist’s face – this is necessary for therapy to be effective and to prevent any possibility of transmission from therapist to child.

School Sessions

Our therapists will only be able to work in schools we already have had contact with and been in.

Schools will need to ensure they are able to provide a suitable place away from other children for intervention to take place.

Schools will need to provide an updated Risk Assessment before starting.

Therapists will take their own resources into school unless asked not to by school, these will be washed before/after use.

Payment For Therapy

If you are an existing client, you will be billed as usual and payments must be made by BACs – we will not accept card payments at the clinic.

If you are a new client, you will be sent a proforma invoice for all sessions booked until the end of this school year and we ask that payment is made in full and by eft at least 3 working days prior to first session.